Sunday, February 26, 2017

Learning Contract

Hello My Dear Friends,,, 
Welcome to Paragraph Writing 

This semester is really fantastic for me as I meet new friends whom I am going to share with. During this semester, I have already prepared a learning contract which is intended to give you a glimpse description of the lecture and also the estimated date of the meeting. The learning contract is based on the semester course plan. Please take a look at on the learning contract before we go further. 


Paragraph writing is the first writing course that you will have this semester. This course will provide you basic concepts on some features of paragraph writing. In this meeting, we will discuss about writing a good paragraph. For the sake of giving you an initial understanding, please download the material

Logical Division of Ideas Paragraph

In the previous meeting, we have already discussed about the necessary characteristics of a good paragraph. We, however, have not yet discussed about how to organize the ideas into a unified and coherent paragraph. Thus, in this meeting, we will discuss about one of the ways of organizing the ideas into a paragraph, logical division of ideas. Please find the attached material.

Comparison/Contrast Paragraph

Comparison/Contrast Paragraph is another way of organizing the ideas. I do hope that after reading this material, you’ll have much more various ways of organizing your ideas. To give you a short discussion, please download the material so that we can discuss further on it. Keep on Rockin’

Definition Paragraph

Another pattern of organization that you have to learn in order to improve your writing competency is Definition Paragraph. This newly added material will provide material about how to develop definition paragraph. This pattern is important in academic writing, for it is frequently used in writing assignment. To download the material, please click this link. Good Luck!!!

Descriptive Paragraph

After discussing about paragraph in general, we now focus our discussion of genre paragraphs. This is our first discussion in which we will share about how to write a descriptive paragraph so that you can create your own descriptive paragraph. I do hope that after reading this copy you will have understanding on the material. In order to create warm and enjoyable discussion next meeting, please try to find other sources about descriptive paragraph so that we can share our understanding about descriptive paragraph.

Recount Paragraph

Next meeting will be another interesting material to write as we're going to learn how to write a recount paragraph. To give general description on the material, please click this link. I do hope it will give you something and provide you with basic understanding of recount paragraph. Good Luck!